Sometimes baking is not all it’s cracked up to be


Isn’t that a lovely big old lump of dough? Ready to go into the greased bowl to rise and do it’s thing? And me with my nifty new warming drawer. It was the day before Christmas and I was going to bake! I can’t do a bowl in the drawer, it’s not tall enough. But I can do a rectangular casserole dish, which is what I did. Set the controls and went off to do something else.

About an hour and a half later, I went in to punch it down and form rolls. Took it out of the drawer, and just imagine my surprise when I realized I had baked it. Well, I baked the bottom half, and the top half was raw. The bottom crust was even brown and crispy. Well, crud, I couldn’t do anything with this lump of ‘whatever’ so I dumped it out in the trash.

My plan was to take pictures of my journey to beautiful browned shiny rolls. After dumping the dough in the trash though, it was just another chore, with barely enough time to get it done. In the end, I’m not even sure I liked the rolls. I used to have all my bread and roll recipes right at hand. Now, I’m having to start from scratch.

Roll recipes welcome!

I’m having the best time learning to knit socks. I found a book that included a Class Sock – it’s a small sock with all the ingredients, so you can learn all the elements without making an entire adult sock. Goes quickly and I’m sure it would fit a small child. Pictures to come.

I’m having a hard time trying to get back into the work mode after taking Christmas off. Doesn’t help that I have a bad cold, but I am taking Dayquil and Nyquil so at least I’m fairly functional. The deadlines are looming but my brain isn’t kicking in.



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