The hazards of bread baking

Besides the usual – yumminess and the tendency to eat too much of it, maybe burning yourself on the oven or the pan, forgetting the salt (which produces a nasty mess) or picking a horrible recipe… there is the hazard of standing on your feet too long and ending up in the ER. I’m not kidding!

bread.gif So, Wednesday I was feeling pretty good. And of course with the new stove just calling my name, it seemed a perfect day to bake bread. And maybe some brownies. It was lovely outside, so I thought I’d grill some chicken and make some potato salad. Finish the Christmas decorating, work on some Christmas presents ‘in progress’… And catch up on the ER episodes waiting nicely on the DVR.  There is nothing wrong with plan.

I hunted down a bread recipe. I used to be an avid bread baker, but it fell by the wayside in the last many years. It was time to revive the bread baking tradition! I found a recipe for Challah Bread, which looked lovely, and didn’t seem to complicated. (I’m eating toast made from said bread as I type)

The day progressed. I baked and washed dishes, decorated and baked some more. Cooked to my hearts content. I did notice my feet hurting, but that’s nothing new. After spending about 3 years having 4 foot surgeries, the last one 3 years ago, foot pain is nothing new. I sit for awhile and rest them and then get back to it. Even at the worst, I go to bed, sleep all night, and the next day… ready to go again. Well, not this time.

After dinner, I went straight to bed, Tootsies hurting like crazy. Didn’t sleep a wink. Tootsie pain. The next morning, STILL there. This was not usual… or normal.

Mike finally talked me into making a Dr. appt. I know from experience, going to the Dr for foot pain results in surgery. Not interested in repeating that part of my life.

So, I went to the Dr. She examined my feet, very carefully, and had to call another Dr. in because she couldn’t find the pulse in my feet. Mike and I looked at each other with big eyes. WHAT IN THE WORLD?

I won’t repeat the whole big long ordeal, but my Dr. sent me the to ER, and they did an ultrasound of the leg arteries and found no clots. Phew! This Dr. also gave me a very nice pain pill. Ended up diagnosing me with Peripheral Neuropathy. Never heard of it.

Finally got home, went to bed and took another very nice pain pill, and a very nice Valium which Dr. gave me. Ahhhh…. the comfort of modern medicine!

Next day, did some research on PN.. and found some symptoms which had been happening to me for the last several weeks. Still not sure what it all means, but I go to my own Dr next week and find out.

I’m glad the recipe made 3 loaves, cause I’m not up to bread baking again. I’m under strict orders from ER Dr and Mike to ‘lay low’ and take it easy. Sounds like knitting time to me!

But I’m pretty happy with my gorgeous bread. Well, one loaf is gorgeous… one (the first one I braided) is a little lumpy and ugly, but it still tastes good!

Off to knitting! 🙂


p.s. oh… and I also have a new computer to play with 🙂 The old one? full. No more room. So, now I have a nice big one with  lots of cool stuff I can’t explain to you.

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