The Real Sock

I know myself fairly well. I’m not going to wear blue and green striped socks. Yeah, the yarn was fun to work with, and how they ever came up with it is beyond me. But I have precious little time to knit… I need to spend that time on something real and with potential wearability or giftability.



I’ve had some wonderful alpaca/wool in my stash for a few years. Wouldn’t it make perfect, warm socks? Yes it does! I finished my first sock. 🙂

The toe is less than perfect, I couldn’t get the grafting done correctly. Perhaps because I had 12 stitches on 1 needle and 7 stitches on the other needle. But, at that point, I wasn’t going to rip it all out. It was great practice, and I’m going to start another.

And that yarn break after the cuff… what do I do with that? Still wondering.

It was SO much fun! Quick. I had a finished product in a matter of hours, not weeks. The sock yarn out there is gorgeous. This is NOT my last sock. Nope, I think an addiction has begun.

I have ordered some more wool to make a pair of felted slipper clogs. Can’t wait for it arrive… glad this week is warm, so my tootsies aren’t cold.

Happy Knitting! karen


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