The new stove is here!

We’ve been planning to buy a new stove for awhile now. We’ve been looking at them online, and figuring what wanted in a new stove, and what we could live without. Our new stove budget let us skip past the basic ones, and move into middle ground. The lower level of middle ground šŸ™‚

So, the other day, we decided to go to Sears and see what they had. Well, this is what they had!!!

stove2.gif stove1.gif

It was a closeout model, the original price was out of our budget, but the closeout price put it right in our budget! It’s the nicest stove either one of us has ever had. šŸ™‚

2 power burners, 2 regular burners, and a simmer burner. Convection or Conventional baking. The bottom drawer? It’s a warmer drawer. You can set the tempurature for it. It is a plain drawer, but it has racks to put inside, so you can put lots of things in it.

The oven in large, with 3 racks. One rack is partially removable…for all the tall stuff we’ll be baking.

In the center of the stove top is a cast iron griddle. Turn it over for a grill pan. We’d been planning to buy one of those in the near future. We have a small grill pan, fits on one burner and we love it. Use it a lot.

And of course, it cleans and is all electronic etc etc etc. It’s a Super Duper Stove!

So… today is Muffin Baking Day! šŸ™‚ And tonight we’re grilling steaks on the grill pan and baking potato’s in the oven. Oh yum!

Now…for the rest of the story!

We saw it in the store, the day before the Big Storm. Went home, considered it, hemmed and hawed, prayed about it. Our New Stove Budget wasn’t quite ‘ready’. Well, the next day, it was ready! God saw our need and supplied it. Of course, it was storming and freezing and sleeting and not necessarily the kind of weather you’d pick to bring home a new stove. Mike did run over to Sears and pay for it. We doubted they’d hold it for us if we didn’t pay for it. šŸ™‚ That was Wednesday. Last night Mike went after work and picked it up.

He and Chris brought it in, and that is one Heavy stove! Left it in the entry way and planned to hook it up today. Which Mike did, about 4 this morning!!! One of those “Wake Up, oh no, it’s not even 4am yet….go back to sleep. Nope, wide awake.” So, he got up and put in the new stove.

It’s amazing and we love it. šŸ™‚Ā  We both love to cook, so this is going to be a wonderful thing for us.



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