The dreaded office work…

is what I did today. I had great plans for today. Monday, the start of a new week. Holiday over with. Looking back to this morning, I realize they were grandiose plans.

My day consisted of answering emails, phone calls and getting things in the mail, and getting things ready to mail tomorrow. Now, don’t get my wrong. Several of the phone calls were from people I wanted to hear from. And we had lovely visits. And the emails were from/to friends or designers… and we all know I love to talk Cotton Spice.

But I feel like I have nothing to show for a days work. Nothing is finished. The project list is the same. The plans I had for today, will be carried forward for tomorrow. What will be different about tomorrow? sigh….

I guess tomorrow I’ll let the emails go until the end of the day and keep my nose buried in project #1, and then #2 etc etc. What I really need is an assistant!!!! 🙂  One who will work for no pay or benefits, just because they  love the magazine. That may be a LOT to ask. Just because I work that way, doesn’t mean anyone else will.

No complaints, I really do love it all. No matter how I feel at the end of the day, I do have the satisfaction of knowing the check register is up to date.



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