I think I’m odd. I like to do laundry. I don’t always have the time to do it. Many times it needs to be done whether I have time or not and I speed through it. But all in all, it’s something I enjoy.

I like making neat stacks of folded clothes. The scent of clean clothes and linens is unlike any other, no matter what products you use. I like taking the three laundry hampers we have in our home, a choatic mish mash of dirty, used up clothes and turning it into the aforementioned neat, nice smelling stacks.

Laundry used to be almost an art. There was a process. There were things you did, and things you didn’t do. Does anyone still know these things? I doubt that I know everything I should know.

My dream house includes a full size laundry room. With cupboards for laundry products. A rack for hanging clothes up right out of the dryer. An ironing board and iron exclusive to this room! (no carrying iron and ironing board back and forth for me!) In the movie Failure to Launch, his mom’s laundry room had French doors to the backyard. Had to add that to my list.

The ironing board brings up the whole Ironing Issue. To Iron or Not to Iron. Full confession here… I also love to iron. It’s the whole fabric, making smooth out of wrinkles thing. I love to use steam and sizing and starch. I like to iron my blouses, and Mikes shirts. (I don’t iron pants) I’ll iron dresses and skirts and just about anything else, but pants… don’t care for it.

I like to send my husband to work in an ironed shirt. When I’m out and about in the mall or grocery store, I’ll notice a man in a wrinkled shirt. It looks like no one takes care of him. Not that I want to run up and whisk that shirt off of him, and set up my portable ironing unit quick as a flash, iron his shirt and be off! No, I’m not that obsessed with laundry and ironed shirts.

I learned to iron when I was about 10 or so. I started on the pillowcases. We had the neatest pillowcases in town. I wonder, if I had this kind of time, if I’d iron sheets? Not sure of the answer to that one.

My dream laundry room would also include a full size linen closet/cupboard. I love linens. My friend Karen Bush used to make her own sheets. She said they were the best sheets ever. I never did venture that far. But I do make my own pillowcases. Which reminds me it’s time to make some more.

I don’t think I have time to work. I have laundry and ironing to do. So, I think I’ll fade into that world of clean linens, the scent of lavender and the heat of a steam iron and dream about my French doors and the linen cupboard waiting to be filled….

P.S.  One time, several years ago, I crocheted lace to put on one of the pillowcases I made. It was my favorite pillowcase for years, the fabric was just soft enough to put me to sleep and the thought of sleeping on handmade lace was just decadent enough to make me feel luxurious.


2 Responses to “Laundry”

  1. Tara Says:

    Well, I have to say that I don’t like to do laundry, but I do like the end result! I enjoy when the clean laundry is put away (so my couch is clear again!) and I can move around in the bathroom (where we collect the dirty laundry in hampers). Of course, it seems that half-a-day later the bathroom hampers are full again and my couch is covered again .. but, … * shrug *

    One of my favorite things (non quilty of course) is sleeping in freshly clean sheets. It just feels so much different then sheets that have been on the bed for a day or two or three, or a week or two … rofl

    Told you I didn’t like doing laundry!

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