Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

(I’m talking to myself here)

Yesterday I was going to post here. Something like this –

It’s a beautiful fall day. Not the sunny, brightly colored leaves kind of fall day, but like the last fall day there will be. Overcast, the trees are nearly naked, the tempurature is moderate. The few leaves left are floating down on small breezes, and the ground is covered with dried crunchy leaves. They are the kind you rake up and jump in. I used to do that with Mr. Riley.

(i intended to take some cool photo’s of the leaves)

But today….

It’s raining and blowing and cold. The leaves are soggy and slippery. It’s too nasty to be outside to take a picture of anything.

It’s times like this when I’m SO thankful my office is at home. I can bundle up warmly, without worrying too much how I look – as in ‘proper office attire’. I can wear warm thick socks with my slippers AND turn on the little heater under my desk to keep my toes-ies toasty.

I only had to go out for 10 min. to pick up Miss Riley from school. Made me even more thankful. brrrrr…..



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