Why it won’t work

Remember my knitting post about joining 2 ends? Trying to be frugal and save 6″ of yarn? Well, it doesn’t work. Oh sure, the ends of my yarn are still tied and together, but after washing, this is what you get –


And I’m just not all that crazy about it. Also, after washing, the length shrunk. đŸ˜¦ I have to title this My Learning Sweater. Because even though I’m not able to wear it, I learned  SO much making it.

  1. How to join the pieces together. Yes, I did the mattress stitch, and it looked GREAT!
  2. I learned how to shorten sleeves that are to long. It was scary, but I did it!
  3. The crowning achievement is that I finished it. It’s not  a WIP, it’s a finished product. I’m thinking about framing it and calling it art.

So, Now I’m working on a sweater for Ryland. He’s 2 months old and just now fitting into newborn sizes. The sweater has taken me about an hour and a half and I’m about 50% done. Amazing how small it is!

I’m also doing a sweater for Jack. He’ll be 2 end of this month, and his sweater is much bigger. When he was born, I made him this exact sweater from a cream alpaca. It was the softest thing in the world! But it gave off little whisp-y’s and they got in his mouth and nose.. sneezing and sticking his tongue out. So, I told Shannon I’d make him another one. 2 yrs later and I’m doin’ it!


That’s the front, and here’s a close up of the pattern. It’s just a simple cable



But it goes fast. NOW! When I get done with these, I’ll see what I can knit up for my boys in Alaska. If any of my boys need sweaters, it’s them! (oh, not cause they don’t have warm clothes, but because they live in Alaska for goodness sake!)

I still want to learn to knit socks, and I’m going to. I have the pattern and yarn picked out and everythign ready. Now… if someone could just deliver some extra time…



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