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We are off to St. Louis!!!

October 8, 2006

Going to see the game tomorrow, in the New Busch Stadium 🙂 Went to Walmart tonight and got a Cardinals t-shirt. I’m official! I couldn’t go to a playoff game without a team shirt.

I also finished my sweater today, got all the pieces sewn together. I just have a little ‘end weaving’ to do. It turned out really well, except the sleeves are very long. They hit the middle of my fingers!!!! I measured, really I did! 🙂

Pictures of all to follow…

See you Monday! 🙂


And another win…

October 6, 2006

My desire to go to the game on Sunday and my desire to see our team win are in constant turmoil!

What’s a girl to do? We have tickets to a playoff game. We’d get to see and be in the new stadium. We’d be IN St. Louis, which we love.

I guess this is where all that ‘grown-up’ stuff comes into play. Denying yourself for the good of others. ok, i hope we win saturday….. sigh. (nobody said I had to smile while saying that) But wasn’t it cool watching them win? 😀

1 down, 2 more to go… no, 3 more to go, no, 2…no, 3……

October 4, 2006

Well, we beat the ‘Pods’ as the announcer called them last night. Wouldn’t it be cool to sweep the Pods? Yes and No. Yes overall it’d be waaaaaay cool! Good for team morale, lots of celebrating and champagne all over the place.

NO!!!!! We have tickets for Game #4. sigh….. What to do, what to do. Of course we want our team to sweep…but we want to go to a playoff game!!! I guess we’ll have to leave it up to the winds of fate…..