Home from Washington

And what a wonderful time we had!

Washington is such a beautiful place anyway, and getting to see Shannon and Josh and our little Jack was so fun!

We went to one of the beaches he likes to play at. Tide was up, so most of it was under water, but we had a good time.


Saturday night we  bought fresh local crabs for 3.99 a lb., and Mike and Josh cooked them up for dinner. Oh my gosh, are they good! That day we ate lunch at Mambo’s Italian Cafe and it has to be the best Italian food I’ve ever eaten. I ordered a Calzone filled with portobello’s, red peppers, ricotta cheese, tomato’s…. it came with fresh marinara sauce that was to die for. And so HUGE!!!! I ate the other half on Sunday. If you ever go to Bellingham, go there!!!! It’s right next to Haggen’s, a very cool grocery store where we found Green Tea ice cream, which I’ve been looking for, forever.


Friday night we watched the World Series! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Cardinals WON the World Series!!!! Thank you April, for your congrats… even tho you’re a Tigers fan 🙂 That was pretty fun!


Had to include this picture of me and Mike. He’s so handsome 🙂 … and the best husband in the world.

But I’m back now, and I’ll be buried here in the sewing room/office for the next 2 weeks. Oh, probably longer than that. oh well!

We had a lovely little vacation, but it’s nice to be home and in our own bed. Oh comfy!



2 Responses to “Home from Washington”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Sure looks like a fun time to me! Washington, Alaska…you’re all over the place! Mmmm, I love crabs. They are a lot of work, but SO worth it!

  2. Eileen Says:

    Washington is a beautiful state. I lived for years up in the Vancouver area of B.C. and would jaunt down for day excursions. Now we have moved further north … to where the air is clear but cold! Truly it is beautiful out there today even if it is -23 degree celcius. I just walked up for the mail and if you’re dressed for it, why it’s even pleasant!

    Mike looks like a really nice guy but I have to tell you, I think my guy is the best husband in the world! We were only married two years August 28th and my sweetie is also an awfully good cook … messy in the kitchen but the end products are just yum.

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