Back to the quilting/magazine/knitting world

In the last many weeks I’ve taken many phone calls from subcribers. First of all, I have to say that the Cotton Spice subscribers are the NICEST people!!! I’ve been overwhelmed with their kindness and understanding of my lack of training in the magazine world, and more recently in the ‘getting the issue to the printer on time’ issue. I’ve had quite an education in the world of bulk mail and it’s particular realities. Realities such as – it was mailed on Sept. 15 and there are STILL people who have not received it.

Unbelievable. I think this is why the ‘big magazines’ have staffs. The work is divvied up according to their specialty and everything gets done and turned in by a deadline.

Here at Cotton Spice, it’s me and Shannon. She’s been moving into a new house this last week. Kind of hard to work at home while you’re betwixt them. Here in Joplin, we had tickets to a game we couldn’t pass up. Next week, we’re going to a concert in Springfield (the tickets were a birthday gift) and no way am I going to miss that. Then on Thursday we’re going to Washington to visit Shannon and get caught up on Jack snuggles. How can we miss that?

So, we are considering mailing the new issue ourselves, and leaving the world of bulk mail behind until we can get the issue finished and ready for the printer in a timely manner.

You subscribers have been kind and understanding, but I see no reason to push that patience to the limit with another late issue. So, the ‘mailing it ourselves’ issue is on the table. And one I think we can swing.

Knitting update: I did finish my blue sweater, but the sleeves were too long. Odd, since that’s the reason I want to make sweaters – I can never find sweaters with long enough sleeves, so I think I overdid it. I talked to several people and found out a way to shorten my sleeves without taking my sweater apart, and also how to obtain a more accurate sleeve lenth measurement. (which I need to write down somewhere before it disappears into the abyss)

I’m making a little sweater with a zipper for Ryland, the newest grandson. And some other various things, that shouldn’t get mentioned this time of year. I’m also determined to learn to knit socks. Everyone else is doing it, I can do it.

It’s Saturday, and I’m going to make myself a shirt, and knit, and stop by the grocery store, cause there’s no way I’m cooking tonight. We’ve got the World Series to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂



4 Responses to “Back to the quilting/magazine/knitting world”

  1. Rochelle Martin Says:

    Hi Karen: I think you have come up with an excellent solution to the late delivery of the last issue. I introduced a friend at work to this magazine and she was on tip toes to receive this issue. She was thrilled to finally get her copy. If I could transport myself to Joplin I would help you get them mailed!! You all are doing a fantastic job. Rochelle Martin

  2. Cheryl Says:

    This is the first I have heard of a “home mass mailing”. You’ve got my help if you need it.

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