We’re going to the World Series….

What else is there to say? 🙂

Well, I should elaborate that WE (mike and i) are not going to the WS… the Cardinals are, our team is… not US personally. That’s ok, we get to watch it on TV and that’s exactly where we’ll be on Saturday night.

I’m sure a lot of you are bored with all the baseball blog here lately, and I’ll be done with it in a week 🙂 and back to quilting and knitting and etc. I’m still working on the magazine, and knitting and etc, I’m just not talking about it. Tricky eh?



One Response to “We’re going to the World Series….”

  1. April Says:

    Hey Karen! Just had to offer my congratulations (as a Tigers fan) on your Cards winning the World Series! They were like the little engine that could; just clawed their way to the top. 🙂

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