The wierdness of putting some words together….

Have you ever noticed that some sentences just seem to stick out like a sore thumb?

Monica (from Friends) once said, “Santa, the armadillo and I have to go talk in the kitchen. …..pause….. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.”

Every once in a while, you either hear or say something that is so wierd, you just have to write it down. Since the memory ain’t what it used to be.

Today, I have TLC on. It’s just background noise. But I keep hearing a commercial about some monks. He says, “I may have to break up a fight between Alex and one of the monks.”  I have no idea what this show is about, but what a wierd and seemingly incongruous sentence. I’m sure it has a context, but it’s not in the commercial for the show!

In my mind, it conjures up a picture of brown robed monks in a brawl. Remember Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act? When she was posing as a nun and went across the street to the bar. She said something to the effect of, “Don’t worry, we’re not making this a nun bar…” Again, totally incongruous. But that’s what makes it funny. Instantly your mind again conjures up a picture of a bar, with nuns sitting up at the bar, playing pool, shooting darts, and holding a … mug of beer?… hmmm, can’t quite picture that one. Diet Pepsi with Vanilla maybe 🙂

Words are what you make them. They exist to help us communicate. We can use them sparingly or profusely. There are problems with both – the profuse word users are usually not that interesting. Half the fun of using words is the back and forth. The spare word users are usually not that interesting. Again… no back and forth. There isn’t much response to – “ok” or “fine”.

If you want to be a great word user, vocabulary is important. Vocabulary is your collection of words. We have a tendency to think we’ve probably heard about all the words there are to hear. Excluding words specific to science or other complicated slices of life.

If you have some time, check out The Phrontistery – it’s in my list of links to the left. If you’re a ‘word person’ you can have fun here. If you’re not, you’ll probably roll your eyes and think, ‘what’s the big deal?’ That’s ok.

Words aren’t fun to everyone, but I like ’em!


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