We won :)

We had such a good time in St. Louis, and to put really good frosting on our piece of cake, the Cardinals won!

I got to visit my first ever Krispy Kreme. doughnuts.gif I’ve had Krispy Kreme, the boxes you can buy in the store, but they simply don’t compare. I’m really really glad we don’t have one nearby.

We have a great hotel in downtown St. Louis, our favorite hotel here. It’s very nice, but if you book your room right, you can get a great deal! It’s one block from the stadium, so we have no hassle with parking. We leave the hotel on foot, go eat dinner at T.G.I. Fridays… another favorite place. We got a great table in the bar, right where we could watch the K.C. Chiefs game. It was more interesting to Mike and Chris, than to me and Blair. But I got a margarita and some yummies to eat before dinner, so I was happy.

St. Louis is such an interesting place to be when the Cardinals are in town, and to make it even more intense, it was a playoff game. Everywhere we looked, people in red Cardinal shirts of every kind. If you were downtown… you were going to the game. The restarant is just about a block from the stadium. You walk through this little park to get there. They have a really cool fountain in the middle that is beautiful. On Sunday, the water was pink. fountain.gif Our first thought was – it’s for the Cardinals!!!!! (after all, really red water would have looked disgusting) But later we thought it might be for Breast Cancer Awareness month. So we decided it was for both.

Since it was the new stadium and we hadn’t been there before, we wanted some pictures of the stadium. This picture was after the ticket taker, as we were looking for our section. stadium4.gif I happened to get a picture of the ONLY guy who isn’t wearing a Cardinals shirt. I’m serious. 99.999% of the people there were wearing Cardinals shirt and at the very least, a red shirt.

We had nosebleed seats, on the top level. viewfromourseat.gif You can see where I marked ‘our seats’. That’s not entirely truthful… since I was sitting in my seat when I took the picture. It’s the equivalent of our seat… just on the other side. Even so, we could see just fine. In a picture, it appears farther away than it really is, we could see just fine.

Another view from our seats viewfromourseat2.gif We did go early to watch batting practice. Unfortunately, we arrived in our seats just as the Cardinals finished batting practice, so this is a wonderful picture of the Padres batting practice.

It was a really REALLY good time. It was a good game. I’m looking forward to the game tomorrow night. But I am glad to be home, sleeping in my own bed. I’ll get back to work tomorrow.



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