Knitting my own way

While I am by no means an expert knitter, I know a few things. Lately I’ve read and heard things about only joining yarn at the ends of the row. I can see the wisdom in that, when you join yarn, tying a knot to join both pieces, you never where the ugly part of the knot will show up.

So, being very frugal with my yarn, I’m trying this. (Some of these pictures came out fuzzy, but the moment was past and I couldn’t re-take them) –


So, left a nice tail, and then got the new yarn, leaving an equal amount of tail, and kept on knitting. Not time to tie yet.


Just keep knitting past the ‘hole’. It looks kind of messy. Of course this picture comes out crystal clear. Try not to stretch the yarn at this point. But keep knitting.


Then, 3-4 rows past the ‘hole’, gently tie half the knot. Make sure it looks even and invisible on the front and the back.


Once you’re satisfied it looks perfect, tie the other half of the knot.

Now, this sweater is nearly finished. I’m on the last half of the second sleeve. This is the first time I’ve done this kind of yarn joining, I don’t know if the knot will continue to stay on the wrong side. Anyone ever done a join like this? I hope I don’t regret it!



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