Messy or quirky?

I work messy. The house etc., is reasonably clean. I mean, we do live here. And we live well and full. You can’t do that in a house that looks like a magazine picture. The laundry gets done in time for Mike to wear clean clothes to work. But… I work messy.

I’ve said before, my sewing room is messy. My sewing room and office are one and the same. And they’re both messy!

Is it just me or do you like to peek in windows, at night while you’re driving? Coming home from the store or church, you drive by houses and wonder what it looks like inside. Nearly every window has a the blue glow of a television set. Are the people eating dinner? Will you see them sitting around a table, or eating in front of the tv? Will you see a heartwarming family scene, or something you wish you hadn’t seen? I always wonder how the houses are decorated. What art do they have on the walls? What color are the walls? Drapes or sheets at the windows?

I prefer to think that inside each and every house is a warm loving family spending time together, doing homework, playing the piano, feeding the dog and and cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. This is my fantasy world, don’t mess it up.

So, here’s a peek into the window in my SRO (sewing room office) –


After I took the picture, I realized I had post-its on my monitor with phone numbers, addresses, passwords… so I erased those.

There must be M&M’s nearby. And Vanilla Diet Pepsi. The Pepsi gets me thru the day. Diet Pepsi and M&M’s, you ask. They balance each other out. It’s Karens logic.

The tv needs to be on, but I don’t watch it. Karens logic again. That’s why Friends is usually on, cause I’ve seen them all, I don’t have to watch them. But I know where the funny parts are, and I can stop to watch those. There are only a few times I turn the tv off – during work phone calls, writing stories and quilt instructions. I need all the concentration I can get at those times.

The good thing about this scene is that it changes daily. But it’s always similar. That picture is the view directly in front of me, this next picture is the view directly to my left –

View One

Technically, this is the sewing room. Which doubles as office when I need it. Yes, it does take drugs to keep me together. They’re prescription, don’t worry.

I do have a nice view of the front yard, filled with bikes and toys and other kid paraphanalia strewn about.

So, back to messy. Directly behind me to my right is a wonderful filing cabinet. But do I turn around and file papers immediately? Are you kidding? I put them in the drawer, right smack dab next to the file cabinet. And when it’s completely full, I file. I tell myself Creative people are quirky and messy. This is one of my quirks.



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