Cutting out pieces

Today I’m cutting out lots and lots of pieces for a new quilt. I do like to use templates rather than rotary cutting, I think they are more accurate. Rotary cutting has to be rounded up or down. Templates can be exact. And when I get my sewing machine back, I’ll be ready to go!
I’ve got 4 quilts designed for the December issue. I’m starting early this time. I don’t want to be piecing the day before it’s due at the printers! Besides the quilts I’m designing, there will be some other quilts from 2 other designers. My ultimate goal is to have 12 or so quilt designs per issue.

We’re tossing around the idea of having 6 issues a year, rather than 4. Not right now, but sometime next year. Between the Web Magazine and the Newsletters, combined with the issue we print, we have content for 6 issues. We also have a couple of other projects we’re working on, but not ready to share yet!

Now… we are running a Christmas Special! Buy two gift subscriptions and get one FREE! The discount word is Christmas Special and you can put your 3 addresses in the Additional Information box. Please specify the occasion!!! It’s a great deal – you get to mark off 3 names from your Christmas list at $16 a piece!

All work and no play is supposed to make Karen a dull woman… but what about when your work is fun and seems like play? 🙂 What if your mind is racing in 14 different directions with 562 new projects you want to do? The picking is Hard!

What about your Do-It list? Is it looooooong? Do you think you’ll ever get to the end of it? Mine is so long, but I keep getting ideas for new things.

Karen’s Do-It list:

  • Learn watercolors
  • Learn Chinese cooking
  • Knit more
  • Learn Haute Couture sewing
  • Learn to dye yarn, and learn more about dyeing fabric
  • Recover my dining room chairs
  • Re-learn the piano
  • Listen to more music
  • Do some outdoor decorating on my front porch
  • Write a book
  • Learn to draw cartoons
  • Collect more fabrics
  • Collect more yarn, especially yarn prepared for dyeing

Well that’s enough to share for today. I also have software I want to learn to be proficient in. So much to do, so little time!

Happy Quilting!



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