Am I the only quilter with one machine?

I have to take my machine in to get serviced. My zig zag is more like a sig sag. Which means…no machine for the next couple of weeks. I know… a long time. The sewing machine store here doesn’t have an in house repairman. They have to send it out. grrrrr….

I’ve talked to some other quilting friends about this and it doesn’t bother them because they have multiple machines! Which leaves me wondering if I’m the only quilter in the country with one machine. How many do you have? If I’m really good to the sewing machine fairy will he bring me another one?

So… no sewing for awhile. I know from experience this is the time I’ll get my best ideas and that burning urge to run fabric through a sewing machine. I need to make a plan.

My plan is to Write and Knit. Maybe organize the sewing room. The fabric wall is a mess. fabricwall.gif When I moved to Joplin last year I gave away more than half of my fabric! I miss it so much 😦 I thought I kept the pieces I like the most, but I keep looking for pieces I don’t have anymore.

That bottom row? It’s double. There is a whole other row behind it!

When I look at pictures of other quilters sewing rooms, it’s always SO clean! The fabric is folded perfectly and there are no threads on the floor. I have some pictures like that too, but honestly here… does anyone else have a fabric wall that looks like this? I’ll clean it up and post a picture of that too, but, again honestly, this is what it looks like most of the time.

Starting my ‘vacation’ from sewing,



6 Responses to “Am I the only quilter with one machine?”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    I purchased a small, lightweight Janome (about $80) to carry to guild meetings and classes….so I do have two machines that I can sew on. I also have my mother’s 1950 Domestic Sewing Machine (in a cabinet) that despite having it service and cleaned, doesn’t sew…or at least I haven’t been able to get it to sew. It would help if I had a manual for it so I would understand how to adjust the tension and so forth…but I don’t. So, I make do and have it sitting in my sewing room….with my 18″ x 24″ cutting mat on top (fits perfectly) and I use it as a cutting table for smaller things.

  2. Paula Says:

    I have a tip for anyone who would like to have a second sewing machine. There are thousands of sewing machines “out there” that are never used. Put in ad in the local newspaper and I bet you will get many replies.

    I see sewing machines all the time at garage sales and the prices are amazing. Many times the machines are practically like new, even if they are older models.

    In my area we find them in swap shops all the time. We found six perfectlly good machines for free at three different swap shops. We cleaned them and threaded them and donated them to the local community college.

    Many times sewing machine dealers have demonstration models and trade-in macines that are real values.

    Lastly, if you only need a sewing machine while your is being repaired; then ask you multi-machine owners for a loan. I just recently loaned a machine to a woman in a situation just like yours.

    Remember there are many women who have been sewing for many years and we aquire our multiple machines through the years because of desire to have the best sewing experience for the projects we are working on. As our skill level increases so do the requirements for our equipment. What a delight it is to sit down to a machine and buzz through a project because it is just the right machine for the project.


    My bottom line message is that if you want a machine you can find one.

  3. Karen Says:

    You know, I never even thought to look in the paper. That’s a good idea. Seems so ‘duh’ now that you’ve mentioned it. 🙂

    Of course, not having a machine, I have a designed an incredible quilt. Of course! 🙂 I’m hand piecing one block to make sure it turns out right, and when it does, I’ll be ready for it when the machine comes home.

    I’ll start looking in the paper and see if I can find a good bargain.

    Thanks again… Karen

  4. Becky Preston Says:

    The reason most quilter’s sewing rooms look neat in the pictures is that the rest of us don’t let anyone take pictures the rest of the time (or ever)

  5. karen Says:

    Ah-ha! I think you hit the nail the head Becky!

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