It’s Sewing Room cleaning day…

Oh my gosh… how does the room get SO messy? I mean, I try, really TRY to keep things clean and organized. To put things away after I use them, to keep the threads picked up. But holy cow… the room looks like a tornado hit it.

The problem may be that it’s not only a sewing room, it’s also my office. I have tables set up in a U shape. From the left it goes, ironing surface, sewing machine, small cutting area, tv, computer, extra desk.

My personal peculiarity – if there is an empty space, I pile things on it. Books, fabric, papers, whatever. I am constantly battling the piles.

So, today, is the process of going through piles of things. Throwing away templates marked with a letter and nothing else. Hmmmm? An empty glue pen. Old catalogs. A sample of batting. Junk mail. I put Pirates of the Caribbean in the DVD player and proceed with a shovel. (not really) 🙂
I recently made our own personal cookbook. We do a lot of cooking, and make many recipes from the Food Network. We had a huge pile of pages that we thumbed through every night, looking for a recipe. Some recipes were printed out twice.

So, I bought a binder and a box of page protectors and dividers. We divided up the recipes, put them in protectors and put them in the binder. Very handy, and neat, and oh so organized!!!!!

While going through the piles in the sewing room, I found 4 recipe cards, from my recipe box days. Fished two pages out of the trash, put them facing each other and glued the recipes on the paper, both sides. Stuck them in a protector. Now, isn’t that frugal AND organized? Should we bet on how long it takes me to move that page from the sewing room to the kitchen and inside the cookbook binder? Let’s not. I’ll surely lose.

That’s my project for the day (i hope it only takes a day) what’s your project?



3 Responses to “It’s Sewing Room cleaning day…”

  1. Sandra McFerran Says:

    well I wrote last night but seems the note got lost… I too can realte to the messy thing… but I made it easy for myslef by deciding that there are no laws that say I have to have things just one way all the time!!! Neatness is a state of mind, and so is accepting reality .. I just don’t have to have un-messy 24/7
    I am in Portland OR helping my mom move back to CA with me… now this is a whole new meaning to messy 🙂

  2. Karen Says:

    Sandra, that’s a great state of mind. Sometimes I have it and sometimes I don’t! 🙂 I think messy gets out of hand when there is no visible path to the door. A clear signal to clean. Someday.

    Good luck with the move!


  3. Marjorie Says:

    I cleaned my “sewing room” this past Saturday….my sewing room…which also includes my chest of drawers, armoire, and closet full of my clothes, and our tanning bed. Gosh, what I wouldn’t give to clear everything out but sewing stuff….maybe someday, that is my dream. I did find several things I thought were gone forever…a necklace and earrings that I lost at Christmas (that I just knew had slid off the chest and into the trash can below). I found an envelope with $100 in one dollar bills that I had set aside to donate to the Red Cross last year when Katrina hit the gulf area…better late than never I guess….The main motivation for my cleaning spell was that I’d gone on the website for Collections, Etc (the company that sells everything for less than $14.99) and I ordered a cute little lamp for $9.99 (that we’d seen at a TN quilt shop for $30!) the base of the lamp looks like the old timey singer sewing machine…and the lamp shade looks like patchwork. I just loved it…emailed the picture to all my guild members (especially those who’d seen in on our shop hop to TN) and I know of three others besides me who ordered the lamp. Anyway…another motivation was that I simply COULD NOT GET TO MY SEWING MACHINE…this room tends to be my laundry catch-all til I get things folded and put away. Since cleaning on Saturday, I’ve now cut out a new quilt top and sewn 5 of the 20 blocks! Progress at last !!! Now, just because I’ve CLEANED my sewing room..does not mean that it is CLEAN….just de-cluttered and more organized…at least for the time being. Hey, creativity needs the proper environment, right?

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