Yesterday it probably got up to 103, and yes, I baked an apple pie. My mind is ready for fall, and in the fall you bake apple pies. So, I did. It’s delicious!

Issibella asked about the quilt….I made that for Liam. I’ve made a quilt for each of my grandsons, except Jack. You all know Jack from “Fun with Jack and Grandpa”. I made him a blankie from a panel, but everytime I’ve tried to order fabric or plan a quilt something else has interfered. I have another grandson due in Sept, and my plan is to make a quilt for Jack first, and then for new grandson. I better get busy!

Today is hot again, 103 is the forecast. I have no idea what the heat index is, and does it really matter? Once you’re over 100, it’s just plain HOT.

We are smack dab in the middle of getting Sept issue ready and polished and to the printers. This issue is easier than the last one, that tells me I learned from the last issue. Sept issue is stuffed FULL of good things. You won’t want to miss it.

And here is a picture of Jack, just in case you missed Fun with Jack and Grandpa! Till next time,




2 Responses to “Baking?”

  1. Kellie Maritt Says:

    You should do the quilt for the new grandson first. Jacks quilt will come in time, when it’s time to do it, you will know it. As long as he has his blankie, he will be okay.


    Hey, Kellie, that’s a great idea. I know the little boys are too young to know when they received their quilt, or even as in the case of September baby…what a quilt is!?!?!!! 🙂

    I do have Jack’s about halfway done tho, but the way the grandsons are coming, it’s good advice for the next ones.

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