101 Things to do in 1001 days

Starting today 4/10/08 (ironically, 101 days into the year) and ending 1/7/2011. I found this great project at Tangles blog and thought it would be fun! It was, although hard to think of 101 things.

If it’s in Bold, I’ve done it!

  1. Finish Great American Aran Afghan (affectionately known as gaaaaaaaaa)
  2. Finish first Fair Isle sweater
  3. Make 6 more Fair Isle sweaters (0/6)
  4. Join TKGA’s Master Knitter Program
  5. Complete Master Knitting Program
  6. Make new curtains for living room – actually purchased them.
  7. Refinish and ‘shabby-chic’ my wood furniture – dressing table and small table in bedroom
  8. Learn how to make cannoli’s
  9. Learn how to paint with watercolors
  10. Finish writing my book
  11. Plant Morning Glories- might have to wait till next spring, the seeds got thrown away!
  12. Make cushions for front porch furniture – Aug 08
  13. Make 12 lap quilts for Macuwita sni (1/12)
  14. Make 25 hats for Ms (0/25)
  15. Make 25 pairs of mittens for Ms (2/25)
  16. Make 50 pairs of woolen baby socks for Ms 2/50)
  17. Read 5 books a year (0/5)
  18. Answer personal emails within 2 days
  19. Continue depositing book money in ING acct
  20. Get eye exam and new glasses They should be ready 9/29/08
  21. Go to the junk stores on Main that I’ve been wanting to go to for 3 years
  22. Make a Cathedral Window quilt
  23. Make 2 quilts for personal use (0/2)
  24. Make 3 new tops before Summer and 3 before Winter, each year (2/6)
  25. Organize birthdays and anniversaries
  26. Dye yarn
  27. Knit 4 doilies (0/4)
  28. Get a new copier for office – 6-2-08
  29. Organize laundry room – 4-16-08 yay!
  30. Decorate above kitchen cabinets
  31. Put up backsplash in kitchen
  32. Make new curtains for the dining room
  33. Make new placemats/napkins
  34. Find pictures or wall decorations for living room
  35. Paint stairway
  36. Paint upstairs hallway
  37. Finish painting spare room
  38. Clean out unused attic room for storage
  39. Work on 15 oddball blankets (5/15)
  40. Send cards and/or letters to my family/quilty/knitting friends for no reason, 1 a month (4/8 – for the remainder of 2008, new numbers up in  (0/8) 2009)
  41. Write and mail a letter to our soldier once a week – We received news our soldier has gone home! 🙂
  42. Send package to our soldier once a month – same as above 🙂
  43. Do Genesis study online 4 days a month
  44. Go to Art Center when new exhibits open
  45. Get new twin sheet set
  46. Make a bath mat and additional rug for in front of sink, Cotton Ease
  47. Make handmade books 8/08 have made 1, want to make more!
  48. Make bread once a month – so far, I’ve completely failed at this one!
  49. Take 2 new classes at Quilt University (0/2)
  50. Learn how to make and then make 2 Fairy Houses (0/2)
  51. Plan 2 major field trips for Riley (0/2)
  52. Enter a sewing or knitting contest that requires skills (not a drawing)
  53. Organize bookmarks
  54. Organize knitting patterns into a binder
  55. Get a dog – small house dog – we got a cat instead!
  56. Publish something on Lulu.com
  57. Save $500 by end of this project (doesn’t include ING acct) (0/500)
  58. Make a set of 7 dishcloths for a friend
  59. Maintain prayer list
  60. Get a new paper shredder
  61. Take pictures of all finished projects
  62. Make kitchen curtains – have made one, one more to go
  63. Make curtains for downstairs bathroom – found a perfect curtain in latest Freecycle haul
  64. Learn to spin – 1/09 this will be happening very soon, as I have an alpaca fleece to spin 🙂
  65. Join Fiber Guild 4-12-2008
  66. Count my blessings and keep an ongoing list
  67. Sell or give away about ¼ of my fabric stash 7-08
  68. Spruce up the CS Quilt Shop
  69. Make Christmas Gift plans by June – plans are made, things are in progress!
  70. Start making Christmas Gifts in summer – am working on them NOW 9/08
  71. Put Progress Bars on blog
  72. Finish painting woodwork
  73. Plant an herb garden – 5-5- 08
  74. Make hanging flower baskets for front porch – 5-5-08
  75. Find a new doctor
  76. Mail my PIF gifts – mailed one, and one to go! 8-08 Mailed the last one 9/08
  77. Make a lace shawl – finished 2 last year
  78. Learn to machine quilt
  79. Make last curtain for sewing room
  80. Start building knitting book library – I recently added 4 lace knitting books to this shelf.
  81. Take a trip to New England
  82. Go to Idaho to visit family
  83. Finish Elijah’s blanket
  84. Organize pictures on computer
  85. Simplify files on computer
  86. Make some return address labels
  87. Get our recipes under control – Riley did this for Mikes Christmas present
  88. Clean out upstairs hallway closet
  89. Get more bookcases
  90. Unpack books
  91. Organize Master Bedroom closet
  92. Clean up and organize spare room – Mike did this the other day!
  93. Learn to take good pictures
  94. Take a picture every day – HA! Not going so well!
  95. Get a rug and new light fixture for entry way – got the rug, still need the light fixture
  96. Hang up black and white hooks – somewhere – in the entry way, for little kids coats
  97. Make lists for freezer contents
  98. Make new liners for muslin baskets 8-08
  99. Take out holly bush in front yard
  100. Plant tulips and daffodils in the fall
  101. Clean off front porch – fall 08
  102. Learn to weave

4 Responses to “101/1001”

  1. crystal Says:

    Wow Karen – ambitious list! Beings I saw this idea here, I’m joining in as well. But, instead of adding single tasks that actually result in multiple items (like all your knitting stuff), I’m forcing myself not to cheat by breaking down the end result into multiple steps. (And my first task is to make the list.) You really have more like 1000 things on there, I bet. You are an inspiration!

  2. E Ann H. Says:

    You really don’t want to plant morning glories, do you?
    Yes, they look very pretty among sweet peas. (One of my neighbors has a horticultural award as proof.) But they are a plague and a nuisance, sprouting where they are NOT wanted! Especially in the yards and gardens of his immediate neighbors!!!

    Your last goal, learning to weave, is best done in a hands on class, not by yourself or just by reading. Living in Philadelphia, PA, USA, I was fortunate enough to connect with a local guild with excellent teachers. There is a National Guild of Handweavers which lists weaving classes and guilds throughout the USA. Get some experience first before buying a loom. Email me sometime.

    Spinning is great fun. (Like weaving, find a teacher first!)Drop spindles are very affordable. With a bit of help, I was spinning with one within an hour. But stay away from purchasing a spinning wheel until you have tried some out. And when you have the wheel of your dreams, don’t listen to toe tapping music, unless you want tight kinky yarn!

  3. admin Says:

    Oh yes, I really want to plant morning glories 🙂 I’ve had them before, and I want some in my backyard, climbing on the back porch. 🙂

    Thanks for the advice on the weaving class, that’s the second time someone has told me that, so I figure it’s good advice and will take it. One of the ladies in my fiber guild mentioned they had some extra drop spindles, so I’m going to try it first with her. My knitting friend Robin has a spinning wheel and I know she’ll let me try hers before making an investment. So, I think I”m good to go.

    thanks for taking the time to share that tho… I appreciate it 🙂

  4. Janet Bryan Says:

    I love your blog and while going through the pages found the sweater you made I think it is on the March pages. It is short sleeved and white lacy by drop designs. I was wondering if it was hard to do and where you got the yarn to make it? I am fairly new to knitting and not sure if this would be to hard of a pattern for me but would love to make this. Thanks, Janet

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